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Review: Princess Triumvirate (Pirate Princess #2) by Catherine Banks

Princess Triumvirate by Catherine  Banks

Book: Princess Triumvirate (Pirate Princess #2) 
Author: Catherine Banks
Publisher: Turbo Kitten Industries
Rating: 5 Stars
Level: Young Adult
Source: e-book - Purchased

Summary from Goodreads:

Dealing with the aftermath of her battle with the Prince of Drimla, Tilia is trying to continue with her duties as Princess of Crilan despite the hole she feels in her core. Finn, Faxon, and Tilia set off to investigate who is selling the dangerous devices that steal people's magic, but soon a request for aid takes them to a new land far beyond their Realm. Tilia and Finn meet the Prince and Princess of the Elves and make some unexpected friendships. The Gods and Goddess set them on a path that alters the course of their futures, and modifies their wedding plans. 

My Review: 

First off I have been waiting to read this since I finished reading the first book Pirate Princess. I fell in love with the story and the characters and couldn't wait to start this one. I have been a fan of this author for years now and just love reading her books. The books just capture you right from the beginning and leave you wanting more at the end.

Tilia and Finn are back with more action, suspense and romance in this sequel. Tilia and Finn are engaged and are supposed to be planning their wedding. But she does not like wedding planning and keeps putting things off. She feels she has more important things to attend to first.
Tilia is also struggling to learn how to cope without her magic. She had grown so used to having it and using it in battles. Now she kind of feels useless, although she is an incredible fighter and her family supports her no matter what. It's not long before things start to pick up cause there never seems to be a dull moment where Tilia is involved. Someone has done something to her to make her fear any magic users, there is always someone who wants to kidnap her and then there's the men who want to steal her away from Finn.

In this installment our favorites are back and we are introduced to some new characters who I have come to really like. I love Tilia and Finn but I also love scenes with Esmeralda and Jared. I can't leave out the beloved Mage Faxon. He brings his own unique spin to things and seems to just appear out of nowhere, sometimes when he shouldn't. I really enjoyed the new realm, new kingdom and royals. I found Marin and Favian interesting and fun. We also have to say goodbye to a beloved character.

There are so many ups and downs it's like you are on an emotional roller coaster at times. There were some scenes that I felt were cut to short and battles that ended a little too quickly. Then there was the parts where Finn is a jerk to Tilia and Faxon is just a grumpy mage. But then there were moments that I found myself laughing out loud and others where my imagination was running wild. While Tilia and Finn get to spend some time on the ship I was wishing that they had more moments out to sea and sometimes hoping that they could go back to being Pirates.

The characters have evolved since we first met them and they just keep getting more exciting. There are lots of shocking moments and twists and turns that you won't see coming. The author has set up the story so that it seems that this story will continue. I am really hoping so! There are questions left unanswered, battles still to come and villains that we have yet to meet. I loved finding out what Princess Triumvirate means. The ending was so much fun and I am left wanting more. I highly recommend this series, I love it!

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