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Fantasy Of Frost (The Tainted Accords #1) by Kelly St. Clare

Fantasy of Frost by Kelly St. Clare

Book: Fantasy Of Frost (The Tainted Accords #1)
Author: Kelly St. Clare
Publisher: Kelly St. Clare
Rating: 4 Stars
Level: Young Adult
Source: e-book - won

Summary from Goodreads:
Fantasy of Frost is the first title in The Tainted Accords. 

Warning: You won't be able to put this book down. 

I know many things. What I am capable of, what I will change, what I want to become. But there is one thing I will never know. 

Being the Tatuma of our world, the next to rule, should have given me a privileged life. One full of friends, love and happiness. If my mother did not hate me, I probably would have had that. Instead, she has kept me veiled from birth, turning the possibility of this distant dream into a living nightmare. 

Shunned by the court, abused from childhood, I am trapped within this material barrier and will never know my own face. Only two friends and a determination to become Tatum keep me sane. 

I am unaware everything in my life is about to change when the peace delegate arrives from the savage world of Glacium. Hidden agendas, past secrets and my struggle to stay alive–while still becoming the person I want to be–careen wildly out of control. 

Join Olina in this coming-of-age fantasy. 

Warning: Cliff-hanger ending. Suitable for young adult+. Novel contains fighting scenes, swearing, romance, sexual themes and general kick ass. 

My Review:
Fantasy of Frost had my thoughts and emotions all over the place. When I first started reading it I wasn’t really into it. But by the end I couldn’t put it down. It honestly took me about half way before I really started to like it. The beginning didn’t grab my attention and keep it. But as I said the second half really got my attention and I got interested in the story.

Olina is a teenager living with her mother, the Queen, uncle and brothers. Ever since birth she has worn the veil that covers her face. She doesn’t have a mirror and was never allowed to see her own face. I kept wondering why her mother would not want her daughter’s face revealed. But I don’t like her mother at all, she is a horrible person. 

Olina has very few friends and really not much of a life. When some men from another world come for a time, Olina meets and falls in love with Kendrick. Will they be allowed to be together or will they be torn apart?

I loved Olina’s time on Glacium. While the circumstances are not what she was hoping for there were some good things to come out of it. There are some humorous moments when Olina realizes she has really no idea how these people live and act. I liked most of the characters from this world. I really came to like King Jovan and hope to see more of him in the rest of this series.

I liked the ending and am looking forward to continuing with this series. I won this book and was asked to give a review.

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