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Review: Lady Serra and the Draconian by Catherine Banks

Lady Serra and the Draconian

Book: Lady Serra and the Draconian
Author: Catherine Banks
Publisher: Turbo Kitten Industries
Rating: 5 Stars
Level: Young Adult
Source: E-ARC (Review Copy)

Summary from Goodreads:
Serra’s life has been planned out for her since her conception. Attend the Elite school, Brevard, marry the Marquess Barnaby, and produce heirs. She wanted none of that, but with no choice in the matter she had resigned herself to her fate. Until Hadyn, the brooding, hot, ace of Brevard starts talking to her and trying to convince her that she is capable of much more. Can she escape the clutches of the Elite society, or will her life be defined by how many heirs she can produce?

My Review:
WOW, what a story!  Every book that I read of Catherine’s it seems that she has outdone herself from the previous one.  I absolutely loved Lady Serra and the Draconian!  Honestly I almost didn’t read it because I thought it was going to be contemporary or historical.  It is neither of those.  It is full of magic, love, and plenty of action.

Serra is part of the Elite’s and attends school at Brevard.  Her father is part of the King’s council.  Her mother is very powerful with her magic.  Serra will soon be married, although not with someone that she loves or even likes.  It is her duty as a “Lady” to have her marriage arranged.  She is not your typical “Lady” though.  She is when she needs to be but she also just wants to be herself. Serra dreams of not being a “Lady” all the time and wants to see the world.  She wants to fall in love with someone that she chooses.

Hayden is this incredibly hot, good looking guy that Serra attends school with.  He is like the perfect guy, he excels at everything but is also somewhat mysterious.  No one seems to know who his family is or where he ranks in the Elites.

While at school one day, Serra sneaks away to take a nap only to find Hayden following her.  She has been having nightmares about her upcoming marriage.  Hayden wants to know why and to protect her in any way he can.  While at a ball, when Serra’s life is in danger it is Hayden who comes to the rescue again.  What will their families think of them spending so much time together?  Will Serra’s dreams come true or will she live her life married to someone she despises?

This story is so good, and I do enjoy reading pretty much anything by this author, who is one of my favorites.  It is a fantasy with a bit of historical mixed in.  It is different than other books that I have read from Catherine Banks.  The characters are well developed and the story is well written.  I loved this one and recommend you read it too.  I am hoping that there is a sequel and more to follow!

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