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Review: Alora: The Portal (Book Two Of The Alora Series) by Tamie Dearen

Alora by Tamie Dearen

Book: Alora: The Portal (Book Two Of The Alora Series)
Author: Tamie Dearen
Publisher: Tamie Dearen
Rating: 5 Stars
Level: Young Adult
Source: e-book Review Copy

Summary from Goodreads:
If one of them dies, they both die.
Bound together as soulmates, something compels Alora and Kaevin to abandon the safety of their refuge for the dangers of Kaevin’s realm.

The soulmates arrive in the midst of a raging battle as Stone Clan warriors defend their capital, an attack made more deadly by the pervasive evil of her father. Alora and Kaevin face mortal danger as they fight against man and magick to preserve Kaevin's home and heritage.

For Alora's father will have her allegiance. Or her death.

My Review:
I'm always wondering where the author is going to take the characters and story in the second book of a trilogy. Well I loved where she took them. They not only spent time in Montana but also in Tenavae. I didn't want to put my kindle down at times. I needed to know what was going to happen next.

Alora and Kaevin are living in Montana at the moment. Kavein is having a difficult time with school and just figuring out how things work in this realm. Things are seeming to go good until Kaevin knows something is wrong with Jireo through his bond. Once they travel back to find out what is going on they find out more than they expected. Vindrake is still on his hunt to find, capture and kill Alora and Kaevin. It's only a matter of time before Vindrake finds the portal to Montana. Alora and Kaevin enlist the help of their friends and family to figure out how to close the portal for good.

When you are fighting against a villain like Vindrake things don't always go as planned. Will Alora drain both herself and Kaevin by using too much of the soulmate bond. Will they get the poral closed or will Vindrake seem to win again?

There is so much action and suspense that you will feel like you never want to stop reading. I loved that the characters from the previous book are just as much a part of this one. They just add to the fun of reading it. There are some funny moments and some dark moments. But when they are mixed together they make for a really great story. There are quite a few surprises about some of the characters that shocked me a bit. I hope that they are tied up in the final book. I am looking forward to finding out how it ends. Overall a great sequel, fun characters and just an awesome story! This e-book was provided to me for review. This did not affect my review in any way.

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