Saturday, March 26, 2016

Review: Peace of Mind (Evie Sanders #2) by Linda Lamberson

Peace of Mind by Linda Lamberson 

Book: Peace of Mind (Evie Sanders #2)
Author: Linda Lamberson
Publisher: Publish Green
Rating: 4 Stars
Level: Young Adult
Source: e-book Review Copy

Summary from Goodreads: 
 Can love survive in a world where death is just the beginning and demons are hunting your true soul mate? Read the second book in Lamberson’s nationally recognized romance series to find out how Evie and Quinn's story continues.

The first book, Borrowed Heart, marked the beginning of a love so strong it defied death. Nothing could keep Evie Sanders and Quinn Harrison apart—nothing except for the rules Evie’s forced to follow, rules she broke to be with Quinn. Now, in Peace of Mind, Evie and Quinn must overcome the obstacles devised to keep them apart. And with each hurdle they surmount their bond grows—but so does the danger they face. Evie must find a way to reach Quinn again before it’s too late. 

My Review:
Peace of Mind is the second book in the Evie Sanders trilogy. I loved the first book and was wondering if the second one was going to be just as good. Well it was even better than the first one! The author really brings the characters and their background to life. When I had time to read I could not put down my Kindle. I had to know what was going to happen next.

In this one Evie is still Quinn's shepherd even though she erased his memory at the end of the first book. The first half of this book, I was not as intrigued about reading because Quinn did not remember Evie at all and didn't remember anything from the previous Summer. He is living his life as a college student, hanging out with friends and going to swim practice. That said though we learn a lot more about his background, his family and even Evie's family and how they are coping with the loss of their daughter. By the second half things really start to change up and it gets really interesting and fun to read. Evie and Quinn reunite and things just get turned up with everything. There are more demons after them, they are trying to figure out their relationship, who and what Ronald is and how to save Quinn from the third incident on his life. There is also some new characters that are brought into the mix. One of them has become a favorite of mine, Dylan. He is a fairly new shepherd who brings humor, demon killing skills and just a lot of fun to the story.

While the romance is awesome between Evie and Quinn, there are two other guys that are in love with Evie. The author has brought the romance, action, suspense and a bit of mystery to this trilogy. I was on the edge of my seat a lot of the time and was feeling Evie's emotions as she had to deal with things. There are a bunch of surprises including something that Peter tells Evie he did for her. Oh and the ending is a real doozy! I cannot wait to see how this story ends! If you haven't started reading this story I suggest you do, you will not be disappointed, it's that good!

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