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Review: Between Worlds: Nekkel Ace by Yianna Yiannacou

Between Worlds: Nekkel Ace 

Book: Between Worlds: Nekkel Ace
Author: Yianna Yiannacou
Publisher: Yianna yiannacou
Rating: 3 Stars
Level: Young Adult
Source: e-book review copy

Summary from Goodreads: 
On a distant planet called Caledonia, a young woman named Sophia Amaro embarks on a journey to self-discovery. Living the sheltered life with servants waiting on her hand and foot everyday just isn't enough for her. After an accident which leaves her father in critical condition, it's up to her to save his life. But to find the cure, she must visit the forbidden planet: Earth. Sophia uses the secret portal to journey to Earth. Not only is she trying to save her father's life, but she also has to figure out what she wants to do with her own along the way. Just when things couldn't get more complicated, she unexpectedly finds love. Sophia has to realize what is more important to her; her father's life, or the one she loves. Between Worlds: Nekkel Ace will have you turning the page after every chapter, eager to learn what will happen next.

My Review: 
Between Worlds: Nekkel Ace is fast paced and has an interesting story line. It is a stand alone book and is well written.

Sophia lives on the planet of Caledonia where she spends her time hanging out in her garden daydreaming. She tries unsuccessfully to steer clear of Paul Jr. who is annoying. She has heard about planet Earth and would love to one day get the chance to go there. Her parents are not willing to let her visit there as people on Earth are not supposed to know about Caledonia.

After an accident leaves her father in critical condition Sophia uses this opportunity to go to Earth. She has been told by her father's doctor that if she can find the Nekkel Ace it will heal her father. She has no idea what is in store for her when she goes through the portal. It's on Earth that she meets Joshua. They instantly fall in love. But when Sophia finds Joshua's father's journal she finds out more than she would like to know. She doesn't know how things work here and she's not sure if she can trust him anymore. Unable to find the portal back to Caledonia will she be stuck here forever?

I liked this story and the characters. Well most of them, I didn't like Paul Jr. at all. Matteo was such a great brother. I found his story interesting and well written. Sophia and Joshua's relationship was a bit fast for me. I understand that this is a stand alone book but I just wish that it would have been drawn out a bit more. The Nekkel Ace was had me stumped of what is was that Sophia was looking for. When it was reveled I was like what, how did I miss that? I was quite surprised by the end of the book and happy at the same time. This is an author that I will be on the lookout for more books from. This e-book was provided to me by the author for review. This did not affect my review in any way.

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