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Bait (Order Of The Spirit Realm #1) by K.C. Blake/Kasi Blake


Book: Bait (Order Of The Spirit Realm #1)
Author: K.C. Blake/Kasi Blake
Publisher: K.C. Blake/Kasi Blake
Rating: 5 Stars
Level: Young Adult
Source: e-book review copy

Summary from Goodreads: 
At sixteen, Bay-Lee Bishop is not a typical girl. The last thing she wants is to be popular, but flying under the radar is nearly impossible when you’re the tallest kid in the eleventh grade. She works hard to maintain a steady C point average, never raises her hand in class, and avoids extra-curricular activity of any kind. The other students would be shocked to learn she’s living under an alias, relocating at her uncle’s whim, and hiding from monsters who want her dead because she’s Van Helsing’s daughter.

Life is weird. Then everything changes. A reaper uses her closet to cross over from the Spirit Realm right before her father whisks her away to a new school. This is the school she was born for, the school where she will learn to hunt and kill monsters, but it isn’t what she imagined. Students hate her, her mentor refuses to help her, and wraiths are murdering hunters on their birthdays. She is laser-focused on training. Love is not an option for her. Try telling that to her heart.

My Review:
I knew I would not want to put down Bait as soon as I started reading it. It is so good! It has lots that I love, vampires, hunters, werewolves, supernatural creatures and of course forbidden romance.

Bay-Lee is not your average teenager, she is Van Helsing's daughter. She has been hiding out and moving around for most of her life with her Uncle. She has always dreamed of attending her father's school for hunters. When she finally gets the chance her life will change forever. Bay-Lee wants to train so that one day she can avenge her mother's death. Once she arrives at her new school she is taken into a mock battle almost immediately. Most of the other students don't like her and thinks that she gets special treatment because of her last name. One of the students that really dislikes her is Nick. He is a hunter and one of Van Helsing's best. Nick volunteers to mentor Bay-Lee. It's then that he realizes that he is intrigued by her. But there is a prophecy that will not allow Nick and Bay-lee be together. So they must keep their relationship a secret and figure out a way for the prophecy not to come true. If that's not enough there is someone creating wraiths to kill students on their birthdays. There are other surprises that will keep you guessing throughout.

This book will take you for one wild ride with lots of twists and turns. I was in love with the story and the characters from beginning to end. One of my favorite side characters is Keisha. I love her kick butt attitude and how she is such a great friend to Bay-Lee. I am left with unanswered questions but also wanting to read book two like right now. LOL I was shocked and surprised by the last part of the book. I am hoping that there is much more to this in the next book. I want a different ending. You will understand when you read it. This is a must read! This e-book was provided to me by the author for review. This did not affect my review in any way.

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