Thursday, July 3, 2014

Unstoppable Blog Tour: Character Interview

An interview with Grace Wells-

            Here we are in the beautiful North Carolina Smokies with Grace Wells- spunky teen wildlife activist and nature girl at heart! I (and I'm sure all of your fans) would love to get to know you better Miss Wells, so is it all right if I ask you a few questions? Wonderful! Let's get started with the basics:

A: So Grace, I'm sorry- may I call you Grace?
G: Of course! Or you can call me G, whatever works.
A: Ok great! Well, to start what's your favorite way to unwind after a long day?
G:  Let's see... after a long day of school and work, I like to just hop on my motorcycle Luci and ride through the woods. A good ride always perks me right up and gives me some quick energy!

A: Fantastic! A real motorcycle lover, I take it. And what about your studies? Is there a particular subject you like to spend your time on?
G: Hmm…now that's a tough one. I'm not one for reading much, so English is out. But I do like science a lot. Learning about animals and concentrating on how they live and interact with each other-stuff like that really interests me!

A: Fascinating! So I'm assuming you love animals? What's your favorite animal?
G: I love them all! But if I had to choose one I might go for Grizzly Bears. My best friend growing up was a baby bear named Simon, and they are just the most loving creatures.

A: How sweet, I'm sure Simon would love to hear that. Now Grace, I'm going to start touching on the hard hitting questions. Are you ready?
G: I'm ready dude!
A: So, who exactly do you want to win your heart, Grace?
G: Haha you weren't kidding…you jumped straight to the good stuff. Well, as of right now I'm pretty keen on Mo. I mean…he's my British wilderness man, what can I say? Besides, he loves fishing and riding motorcycles, all I need to know!

A: But what about your best friend? What was his name…Wynford?
G: Oh you mean Wyn. Hmmm….I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Wyn, it's just…
A: It's complicated?
G: Yeah.
A: No worries! On to the next question: what's your favorite food and why?
G: My favorite food? Well snack-wise I'd have to say moon-pies and spicy cheetos! (My dad always used to tell me that Moon-Pies make my spirit soar!). But as far as regular food goes, I really like my Grandma Birdee's potato soup. It's great after a cold winter hike!

A: Ah, you're Grandmother. How is Birdee doing?
G: She's great! She and Petey came with me today, they're over there in the corner talking with each other like usual. Petey loves having conversations!

A: Well Grace, I'll turn you over to them then. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some of my questions! One last one though, if that's ok?
G: Shoot.
A: Would you like a moon-pie?
G: Dude, I thought you'd never ask! 

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