Thursday, September 6, 2012

In My Mailbox

Daugther of the Goddess

In my mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristy @ The Story Siren
This week I won:
Daughter of the Goddess by Rita J. Webb
Summary from Goodreads:
The Heart.
The God of Love seeks a bride who is pure in heart and full of life—full of soul. Instead of a woman, he finds a child with laughter in her heart. Waiting for her to grow up, he befriends her, pretending to be nothing more than a blue-eyed boy with wild, tangled hair.

The Soul.
Left on the temple doorstep, a young girl turns the lives of the priestesses upside down . . . until one summer day before her eighteenth birthday, a traveling oracle tells her she is to marry a stranger in a foreign land.

The Nightmare.
An ancient demon—half-man, half-snake—wants to destroy anything the gods love. When she was a child, he haunted her dreams, but now he stalks her across the countryside. If he catches her, he’ll devour her.
What did you get this week?


  1. Glad you won, thats great, my post for this is on Sat, here it is if you had not seen it yet.
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  6. This sounds good, even though I'm not quite sure yet as to what's happening in the plot :P Thanks for sharing and congrats on being a feature! I'm a new follower :)
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