Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Violet Midnight (The Enchanters #1) by Allie Burke

Violet Midnight by Allie Burke

Book: Violet Midnight (The Enchanters #1)
Author: Allie Burke
Publisher: Allie Burke
Rating: 3 Stars
Level: Adult
Source: e-book review copy

Summary from Goodreads:
He knew she was gone the second her cool touch withdrew from his arm. He never saw her but had felt her disappear into some cold, dark place. He perceived the black emptiness where she had been summoned, her deep anxiety filling his heart. But he couldn't reach her. He didn't even know her name.

Elias moved to Hazel Grove, California to get away from the rain, his parents, and everything that was taken from him in Hayward, Washington. But he thinks he may be going crazy when he starts seeing purple glitter in the air, the scent of rosemary is everywhere, and he is hearing a beautiful voice.

Jane is content in her life of solitude in the quiet town of Jasmyn Lake, but when her special magic sends her on a journey to meet the man she has been dreaming about for months, she cannot resist.

Look into the world of The Enchanters, where water has a sense of humor, trees scare people, and love - is destiny.

My Review:
Violet Midnight is a story of love with lots of secrets. Jane is an enchanter who has been living on her own since she was seventeen. She loves living alone surrounded by Jasmyn Lake. Elias is an artist who is coping with the loss of his twin brother and his crazy family problems. Jane has been dreaming about Elias for some time while he sees purple glitter that he comes to realize is Jane.

This is hard for me to review because this book was a bit confusing for me. In the beginning I was lost on what was going on most of the time. It flipped from the past to the present so much with no timeline/date. I also felt that everything was rushed. Jane and Elias are meant to be together but everything between them felt like it happened so fast. There are a lot of unawsered questions. We just get a glimse of the main characters backgrounds. The other characters kinda pop in and out of the story. We know that they're enchanters but that's it. No more information on them. We don't really know what an enchanter is, only that they control the elements. I would have liked to knew more about what an enchanter is. There are a lot of twists and turns, romance and some humor. The ending was a bit odd for me, it left me feeling like what just happened?

I liked it for the most part, just didn't love it. I will probably read the next one just to see what happens. Sorry if this left you confused but that is how I felt reading this book. This e-book was given to me for review from the author. This did not affect my review in any way.

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