Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Author Interview: Mary Parker

Please welcome Mary Parker to Fantasy Book Chick

Tell us a little about yourself…

What do you enjoy doing when not writing?

Mary Parker - I love to read, though I don't have as much time to read as I would like. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I'm lucky enough, or maybe a little cursed, to live close to my friends. Lucky - because it’s nice to be so near people I love, and a little cursed because it’s really easy to distract myself by just skipping down to my friend’s house instead of doing work.

When did you begin writing?

Mary Parker - I've been writing ever since I learned to write, even if it was poorly spelled comic books about myself and my sister. I started doing more serious writing in my early teens. I would devour books faster than I could get them to read, so I started writing the type of book that I enjoyed most.

Do you listen to music, drink coffee, etc. while writing?
Mary Parker - I listen to music, or sometimes I'll have the tv on as background noise. I drink either Red Bull or espresso when writing.

What book are you currently reading, just finished reading or going to read next?
Mary Parker - I just finished "Mockingjay" and I'm currently reading a collection of H.P. Lovecraft stories.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Mary Parker - Ray Bradbury, George R. R. Martin, J. K. Rowling

What other projects are you working on or having coming out next?

Mary Parker - Currently I'm more involved with editing stuff I’ve already written than working on original writing. Editing is a never-ending process.

Why did you choose to write this genre?

Mary Parker - I write what I love, and I love fantasy, especially fantasy that tends to be a little dark or creepy.

If  you could be any paranormal or have a supernatural talent what would it be and why?

Mary Parker - I would want to be a shape shifter. I would want to be able to fly, or swim deep in the ocean, or run faster than I ever could on my own.

Tell us why readers will enjoy reading your book…
Mary Parker – I think "The Awakening of Leeowyn Blake" is a unique book, both in writing format (jumping between point-of-views), and in the plot in general. I think it is intriguing and entertaining, and has believable characters that are easy to connect with. It has magic without being a Harry Potter rip-off, and supernatural elements without being Twilight, yet I have fans from both crowds tell me they enjoy it. It takes you for a ride.

Summary from Goodreads:
I'm a normal teenager. I have a normal teenage life with normal teenage problems. The summer is my heaven. I live with my mom during the summer months. We stay in her tiny condo in Jacksonville, Florida. My parents split up when I was little. I'm not sure why. My mom never talks about it. Whatever it was, it was bad enough to make my mom pack me up in the middle of the night when I was four years old and run to my Gran's condo. My mom got the condo after Gran died. From that time on all I had known my entire life was beach life. Until four years ago. Until my uncle found me.

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