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S.A. Archer Guest Post & Giveaway

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To Be a Champion

The function of Champion in any race is first and foremost diplomatic in nature. As the Champion of the Sidhe, Lugh Samildanach represents the Sidhe race in negotiations with other races, be they fey or dragon or human. To hold such a post requires a deep loyalty and love for all members of one’s race against all outsiders. The Sidhe, as a race, are the pinnacle of magic made manifest. Like all varieties of fey, the Sidhe’s very body is only part physical, but also in equal measure magical in substance. The Sidhe have more magic stored within them than any other creature, which is why they are also referred to as the noble elves and are the ruling class of fey.
As Champion, Lugh sees each Sidhe as precious. Though the Sidhe can live eternally in optimal conditions, and are immune to most diseases, they can be slain. Each fallen Sidhe is a blow to the race as a whole, for they only produce a few offspring in their lifetimes and fertile couples are rare and revered.
Lugh’s unabating love for all his people is but the first prerequisite of the Champion of the Sidhe. The second is the strength, skill, and willingness to do all that must be done to ensure that protection. Lugh’s surname, Samildanach, literally translated to ‘master of all trades.’ Since his youth he studied skills as varied as warfare, metalsmithing, politics and magicraft. At a young age, Lugh’s natural talent caught the attention of Nuada, the king of the Seelie Court. The king ensured that Lugh was trained by the most skilled craftsmen and warriors of the Seelie Court, and with Lugh’s hunger to excel, he quickly mastered them all. After Nuada was wounded in battle, he bestowed the mantle of Champion of the Sidhe upon Lugh. The responsibility weighed heavily upon his young shoulders, but as with all Lugh undertook, he dedicated himself fully to the role.
Lugh was the first, and has been the only, Champion of the Sidhe. For several thousands of years, as others came and left the Seelie throne, Lugh remained ever the Champion of his people. He led the fight in the Sidhe-goblin wars and spearheaded the battle that drove the wizards from Ireland. In negotiation with vampires, humans, and races of lesser fey, the currency has often been blood, sex, or magic; prices he willingly paid to protect his people.
The role of Champion became ingrained so deeply into his personality that he placed this responsibility before all other considerations. It became his identity so utterly, that any disaster to befall the Sidhe he takes upon himself as a personal failing. And failure, for someone who has never accepted less from himself than perfection, is not something he can forgive himself.

Lugh’s first story in the Champion of the Sidhe series is “End of the World,” and it can be downloaded for free from Barnes and Noble, Sony, and Kobo. The Kindle and PDF versions are free from Smashwords.!/The_Sidhe

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End of the World is the first book in the Champion of the Sidhe series by S.A. Archer

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