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S.A. Archer Author Interview & Giveaway

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S.A.  Archer Author Interview

Please welcome S.A.  Archer to Fantasy Book Chick.

Are there any twists or unexpected turns that will surprise the readers when they read Cursed?

There are a couple places where I hope the readers will be stunned. The first scene when London encounters Rico is a powerful one. As a private investigator used to dealing with vampires and werewolves, she thought she could deal with working for a Sidhe client. She’s a strong and confident woman, but nothing could have prepared her for the way the Touch shatters her world. The ending also has a twist, as London struggles to find a way to escape the curse.

What do you love about writing London Eyer?

London is the outsider. She stumbles into the world of the fey, hardly aware of the issues and conflicts that already exist. What she thought was going to be a simple assignment to introduce a Changeling to a wizard ends up dragging her into the wizard/fey conflict. The reader gets to learn about the world of the fey through London’s eyes. She is trying to find a way to control her life, but she is trapped in a situation where she doesn’t know what all is going on around her, much less what to do about it.

Who are the villains in Cursed and what can you tell us about them?

I believe in the notion that there are no such things as true villains. Every character believes in the rightness of their point of view. The conflict arises when goals conflict. In Cursed, there is a background conflict between the fey, who are innately magical, and the wizards, who view the fey as livestock to be exploited. London doesn’t know, or want to care about, their war. She just wants to do a good job for her clients, whomever they may be. But neither the wizards nor the fey are going to tolerate such a mercenary approach. If you work for the other side, you are the enemy. If London knew that going in, she probably would never have accepted the assignment from the wizards to trick a Changeling into ‘meeting’ them. And she definitely would have been leery of meeting a new fey client who wants to discuss her work history with wizards.

Cursed is the first book in the Touched mini-series, which will be five books long. Can you give us an idea of where the series is heading?

London is determined to reclaim control of her life. To that end she is going to try several approaches which draws her deeper into the world of the Sidhe. Touched is one of three mini-series in the Sidhe project. London’s stories are going to interweave with the events with the other series. The young, earthborn Sidhe from the Rise of the Unseelie line will play a major role in the remainder of her series.

What is your favorite thing about your part in the Sidhe project?

I love discussing the storylines with my partner, S. Ravynheart. Together we constructed the history, the characters, and the plot. I love the discovery as the stories unfold. We might have a nugget of an idea going in and then the characters take over. We’ll go back and forth, refining the concepts and the way scenes might unfold, and then I’ll take over with the actual writing.

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