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Tears Blog Tour

Fourteen-year-old Lelea is insane. A military project since age two, she endured surgery after surgery forging her into the ultimate soldier. Somewhere along the way, the dreams haunting her nights spilled into her days, and now she talks to creatures long dead and hears music in silence.

Through her visions, Lelea discovers her sanity isn't the only thing in danger. Her dreams call her to save the world from General Sythe, a power-hungry monster, but the secret to freeing her people lies in restoring dragonkind to the world. An impossible task since dragons have been extinct for thousands of years, if they ever existed in the first place.

Stealing a spaceship, she searches the galaxy for ancient scrolls leading to a stash of dragon eggs, but instead she finds a group of rebels and a budding romance. With the General in pursuit, she must convince her companions to trust her. If only she could overcome what is broken inside her…

Excerpt from book:
“This mission is suicide,” Jaak grumbled. Hot air burned against his back, scorching his skin, and sand stirred in the wind, stinging his eyes. Once again, he wished for the comfort of his cool cave. He lay on the top of a sand dune, looking out over the army compound nestled between the desert and the field of giant, carnivorous trees.
    Brick buildings burned in the setting sun, a bright spot against the dirty brown sky. Soldiers bustled about the compound—tending equipment, loading ammo, scrubbing trucks, directing spaceships down the runway, marching about the perimeter. On the far end of the compound sat their destination: the storage hangar.
    No way would he climb through those trees. When darkness came, they must make it past the sentries, across the yard, through a thousand soldiers.
    His dirty military fatigues, his shoulder-length hair, his filthy nails—he’d never make it through the patrol looking like this. No one would take him for a soldier. Not anymore. His companions were no better:
    Scrap. Also dressed in torn fatigues, greasy black hair, an angry scar across his right cheek.
    Chester. A girl with long hair, wearing a dress made of rags, and nothing soldierly about the sway of her curvy hips.
    Aren. Braids tied with leather bands, which marked him as desert-born. 

    “What do you see?” Scrap lay down beside him.
    “That there’s no way in. We’re going to get caught.”

   Scrap slapped him on the back of the head. “Of course there’s a way in. You’re just not using your head. What’s the straightest shot through the compound?”
   “We’ll never survive.”
    Scrap grinned. Insane, smart, balls of brass, which is why Jaak would follow him anywhere. They met in the Reconsitution Chamber. The Hole. In the darkness, madness nipped at the corners of his mind, stirring, whispering, laughing, but when the stranger in the locker next to him spoke of rebellion, Jaak listened.
    When they met again in the mess hall, this time face to face, Scrap talked of escaping the planet. Insanity sparkled  in his eyes, but still Jaak listened.
    “When do we move?” Jaak asked.
    “After dark.”
    Sighing, Jaak squinted at the bright orange sun burning against the barren land. It would set soon.
    He hated waiting. His skin tingled with suppressed adrenalin, heart pounding in his throat, the thrill of adventure burning in his chest, the fear of getting caught boiling in his stomach. He wanted to move. Anything but to sit still and wait.
    The sun sank below the horizon, leaving emptiness in the heavy sky. Today, he would either be free or would die trying. Either way, the struggle to survive would end. They would travel the universe, finding adventure, pirating from the two armies, making their fortune, living like kings. Love, freedom, life, happiness. Everything would be perfect.
    Jaak glanced at his teammates. Aren’s eyes burned, ready for battle. Chester fidgeted with her hair, tucking it behind her ears, her hands trembling. She glanced at Jaak, and he gave her a small smile.
    “Stick to the shadows,” Scrap instructed.
    Fear burned its way up into Jaak’s chest, strangling his throat. But he nodded with the others, and when Scrap led the way, Jaak slid down the embankment behind him.
    The compound walls loomed before them, and in the towers, men and cameras and bullets watched the paths. If the guards spotted them, they would have no chance to defend themselves.

Thanks Rita for inviting me to be part of the Tears blog tour!

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