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Please welcome L. Carroll to Fantasy Book Chick.

Tell us a little about yourself…

First of all, I want to thank you, Jamie, for having me on your blog today, and for your participation in the "Four Hundred Hours to Four Hundred Days" Blog Party!

Now then, about me… Well, I'm a wife, and a mom of five, who writes because if I pretend to travel to magical worlds, make up wild tales, and carry on conversations with the voices in my head, it's considered mental illness. BUT, if I pretend to travel to magical worlds, make up wild tales, carry on conversations with the voices in my head, AND write it all down, it's a perfectly normal "author" thing to do. I am the author of the YA fantasy series "Lor Mandela". Book #1, "Destruction from Twins" released in February 2010, and the second book, "Four Hundred Days" will be making its debut on July 15.


FBC:  What do you enjoy doing when not writing?
L. Carroll:  Prior to writing, the bulk in my career was spent in retail home dĂ©cor and landscape design. Decorating and designing landscapes are still activities that I thoroughly enjoy. I also like to chill with my family. We're all wacky enough that, when we're together, we're usually laughing ourselves silly.

FBC:  When did you begin writing?

L. Carroll:  I started to write about seven or eight years ago. Really, I just wanted to see if I could do it. Now, I'm hooked. I've always been a daydreamer and it's wonderful to be able to use that tendency in a productive way.

FBC:  Do you listen to music, drink coffee, etc. while writing? 

L. Carroll:  About the only ritualistic thing I do while writing (or rather, just prior to writing) is that I act out each scene before I write it. I've found that it helps the believability and flow of the story. I do, on occasion, listen to songs from epic soundtracks, (Pirates of the Caribbean, Narnia, Batman, etc.), while I'm acting…to add to the mood and to how ridiculous I look!

FBC:  What book are you currently reading, just finished reading or going to read next?

L. Carroll:  I just finished reading "Persuasion" by Jane Austen, and am just a few pages into the book "Stay" by C.C. Jackson.

FBC:  Who are some of your favorite authors?

L. Carroll:  Jane Austen tops the list, along with J.K. Rowling. I'm also a fan of C.S. Lewis, Lucy Maud Montgomery and D.H. Lawrence. (In case you can't tell, I like the classics). There are a couple of great "Indie" books that I've read recently, too. I'm excited to read more from Lisa J. Flaus, author of 2012 The Final Revelation, and Court Ellyn the author of "The Mists of Blackfen Bog".

FBC:  What other projects are you working on or having coming out next? 

L. Carroll:  Well, book #3 in the Lor Mandela Series is what's in the works presently. I have also started work on a paranormal/romance/thriller called "The Sleeper's Secret".

FBC:  Why did you choose to write YA paranormal/fantasy genre?

L. Carroll:  Based on my favorite author's list, you'd probably never guess it, but fantasy (when it's done right) IS my favorite genre to read. I love when magic and the fantastical mingle with what we call reality. I guess it has something to do with that feeling of escaping normal, every day situations into the extraordinary. It speaks of the potential greatness that we all possess.

FBC:  If you could be any paranormal or have a supernatural talent what would it be and why?

L. Carroll:  After much thought, I've decided that I would like to be able to have the power to control people's actions with my mind. Just think how convenient that would be. "Clean your room!" Done. "Take out the trash!" Done. "Buy my book!" Done! The possibilities are endless….

FBC:  Tell us why readers will enjoy reading your book…

L. Carroll:  Today's reader has a HUGE selection of books to choose from. If you are even considering adding the Lor Mandela Series to your "to be read" list, thank you!

Rather than taking my word for it, though, here's what others have said about book #1, "Lor Mandela - Destruction from Twins":

A wonderful read, full of surprises and unexpected turns! - Amazon Review

For someone that is extremely hard to please this book has succeeded in not only capturing my interest, but now I am begging for more. - Amazon Review

Immediately, I sensed I was holding an epic, entertaining read in my hands. I can tell you that Lor Mandela did not disappoint. - Reader's Choice Reviews

You can find L. Carroll:

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**Lor Mandela: 400 Hundred Days Release date July 15, 2011**

Thank you to L. Carroll for having me participate in this awesome blog party!

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