Monday, May 30, 2011

Lor Mandla: Destruction From Twins Review

Book:  Lor Mandela: Destruction From Twins
Author:  L. Carroll
Publisher:  The Ebook Sale Publishing
Rating:  5 Stars
Level:  Young Adult
Source:  Review copy from author (e-book)

Summary from Goodreads:
Part I (Destruction From Twins)
When a selfish enchantress seeks to steal mystical powers from her twin sister, she sentences the world of Lor Mandela and its inhabitants to death. In an effort to preserve itself, the soul of the planet appoints a Child of Balance named Audril Borloc who must solve a prophetic riddle known as the Advantiere. All hope seems lost, however, when shortly after her fourth birthday, Audril disappears without a trace. 
Desperate to save their world, Lor Mandelan spies travel to Earth in search of the little girl with black hair and bright blue eyes—traits that on Lor Mandela are exclusive to the ruling family, Borloc. Instead, they find seventeen-year-old Maggie. While the age difference between the girls is obvious, Maggie has the Borloc traits—evidence enough for the eager spies. They devise a plan to get Maggie to Lor Mandela, but will their scheme be successful? And what if they have the wrong girl? Who will save Lor Mandela then?
Part II (And So It Must End)
Maggie Baker has always wished for a more eventful life. Unfortunately, she is about to get it. Following an earthquake that no one seems to have felt but her, her mundane existence is thrown into a roller-coaster ride of twists and turns as she suddenly finds herself bouncing back and forth between her hometown of Glenhill, Iowa and the distant world of Lor Mandela. On this strange planet, Maggie must learn who to trust, and who to fear. More importantly, she must find a way to convince the Lor Mandelans that she is not the Child of Balance, and her family and friends in Iowa (and herself for that matter) that she is not going insane.
Amid fighting a two-headed creature, being captured by a lawless band of Shadow Dwellers, and falling head-over-heels for the enchanting son of an evil warlord, Maggie sees the lines of the Advantiere unfold around her. It isn’t long before she discovers that her blasé reality could be the real fantasy, and that the fate of an entire world may actually depend on her.

My Review:

I received this as a review copy from the author. This did not in any way affect my review.

Lor Mandela is a captivating story that I didn't want to stop reading. I was drawn in from just reading the summary and then when I started reading the book, wow. Let me tell you this is such a wild ride from beginning to end.

It starts off with the Lor Mandela world where the Vritesse is attempting to solve the riddle and figure out who the "child of balance" is. Lor Mandela is dying and destruction and war is everywhere. The child of balance must solve the riddle called the Advantiere to save the planet.

Then there is Maggie who lives in Glenhill, Iowa with her father Nathan. It's a small town which she thinks is so boring and wishes that something exciting would happen. Well she gets her wish when strange things start happening. Maggie starts hearing this whoosh sound and then she feels a tug and disappears from earth only to reappear on Lor Mandela. Everyone she meets there believes that she is Audril Borloc, daughter of the ruling family on Lor Mandela. Maggie thinks they are all crazy and she is desperately trying to figure out what is going on. Eventually Maggie, her father and her best friend all end up on Lor Mandlea together and that is when everything that has been building up comes together.

The author does a fantastic job of world building. I loved being pulled into the world of Lor Mandela with Maggie. The characters developed throughout the book. When you find out who everyone actually is....I was surprised. I enjoyed reading it and was shocked by the last sentence. Great setup for the sequel that I hope is soon to come. I am recommending this to everyone who reads this genre. It has romance,action, adventure and so many twists and turns all rolled into one. What a great book this was!

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  1. Sounds like a great read! I will definitely add it to my reading list! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Jamie! I'm really glad you enjoyed the book, and hope you like book #2 (more info on that later this week *wink*) as well! It's been fun seeing your tweets and posts, and I'm really looking forward to more!!!
    Have a wonderful week, and thanks again!!!!!!!
    -L. Carroll

  3. Oh, by the way, I left a little something for you on my blog too! Hope you like it! Here's the link: Thanks once again, Jamie!

  4. Love L. Carroll, working on this book right now!