Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jump Review

Book:  Jump
Author:  Jen Wylie
Publisher:  Echelon Press 
Rating:  5 Stars
Level:  Adult
Source:  Review Copy from Author

Summary from Goodreads:
If you were told to jump off of a bridge would you?

Perhaps it would depend on who was doing the asking. Our heroine has spunk and a sense of humor, however suffers from an extreme case of inappropriate clothing. When things take a turn from dangerous to worse what will she do when fantasy becomes reality? Warning: May include hot leather clad men, singing and demons.

My Review:
I received this e-book from the author for review. This did not in any way affect my review.

This is a short 15 minute read. Let me tell you though it's quite worth that 15 minutes. I loved it! It takes place in one location with this spunky, take charge kind of attitude woman and some kind of demon/supernatural thing. It's a short story so I don't want to say anything about what happens, except there are hot guys in it. It's a really good short story!

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