Monday, May 9, 2011

Vampires Rule by K.C. Blake giveaway

Hey ya'll, just wanted to let you know about a giveaway.  Over at Kindle Fever she has a great interview and giveaway with K.C. Blake.  You can win an e-book of Vampires Rule by K.C. Blake.  I really want to read it, it sounds so good!  Here is the link to the interview and giveaway:  Kindle Fever

They don't call him Jackpot for nothing. 

Jack has always beat the odds... at least until now. When he was attacked by a werewolf, vampires saved him. When he got tired of living the vampire life, another werewolf attack freed him, making him human again. Now Jack just wants to live a normal life, but what's normal about a hunter girlfriend, a brother who wants to stake him to be on the safe side, and a head werewolf building an army to rule the world? 

Jack gets caught between his old friends and new, hunters and vampires. He wants to stay loyal to both, wants to protect everyone. Unfortunately, both sides are determined to kill the others. In the end, he'll have to make a choice

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