Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Forgotten Echo (Immortal Echoes) Review

Book:  The Forgotten Echo (Immortal Echoes)
Author:  Jen Wylie
Publisher:  Echelon Press 
Rating:  5 Stars
Level:  Adult
Source:  E-book Review Copy

Summary from Goodreads:
Sometimes death is only the beginning...

Even after the bad day she's had, Cassy is still surprised to find herself shot, an innocent bystander in a drive by shooting. Bleeding to death in an empty parking lot, she knows she is going die.

What she doesn't expect, is the arrival of a strange, and unnaturally handsome, man who tells her he can keep her from passing on in return for being his forever. In desperation, she agrees but afterwards she is beyond dismayed to discover she has died.

To make matters worse, the stranger has disappeared, leaving her spirit to wander through a series of worlds unknown to her. Her existence is one of fear and loneliness, until she meets another like her and discovers she's not a ghost at all but something much more.

My Reveiw:
I received this e-book as a review copy from the author. This did not in any way affect my review.

This starts off with Cassy who is an innocent bystander shot in a drive by shooting. While bleeding to death a mysterious and handsome being promises to save her. She only has to give him her last breath. Cassey then becomes a Echo and starts her journey living between the real world and the other world. After a while she meets another Echo who helps her and teaches her how to live as an Echo. It's decades until she gets called to help her Immortal. I don't want to say anymore cause it will be giving away the details of this amazing story.

From the first words I was drawn in to this incredible story. Once I started reading it I didn't want to put it down. Cassy is such a strong character and I loved the ending between her and her Immortal. I hope there is more to come from this story. I love all the stories Jen writes, she is such an amazing writer. This is probably my favorite of her's so far. I'm recommending this one!

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