Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Warriors of Light Medallion by John Whelan - Curtin

I received a request today from the author to feature his book Warriors of Light Medallion on my blog.  I also received an e-book copy for my Kindle.   It sounds like it is going to be a good read.  I was happy to be able to feature his book on my blog.  If any of you read it before I do let me know what you think.

 Title:  Warriors of Light Medallion 
Author:  John Whelan-Curtin
Publisher:  Wolf Spear Publishing

Here is the summary from Goodreads:
"When he led an attack, there was no defense. If he set a goal, it was no less a goal than a faith to follow. When he confronted you in anger, you did not fight, or flee. You begged for the end to be merciful. You prayed for your soul. And then you died.
He was Aquador."

When Aquador's people, the beast-race Lutrom, are entirely wiped out by the Arbezian Empire he finds himself on a path to revenge. To follow this path Aquador must carve a path of violence through the world, gathering more like himself to his cause. Inevitably Aquador finds that his nemesis is the god of evil himself.

The story is intensely paced, the heroes have dark and ominous sides and the stakes are for the very fate of the world.

You can purchase your copy now on Amazon. 

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