Monday, March 28, 2011

Blog Button

Hi everyone!  Just wanting to let you know that I now have a blog button.  You do not even realize that it literally took me all day to get this to work.  Thanks to Tawni @ The Book Worms  I now have a blog button.  She helped me with the whole html code thing.  I am clueless when it comes to this.  That is why my button is pretty much my banner just smaller and yes the color of the lettering is a little different.  I am just so happy to now have a button.  So make sure you Grab My Button!  Oh yeah and if you could "Like" my Fantasy Book Chick page on Facebook.  This is the  link  Fantasy Book Chick "Like" Facebook page or you can click on the right side of the blog where there is also a link.  Thanks ya'll for following my blog, I really appreciate it!  :)


  1. Nice job! Interesting that you posted this, because I likewise spent a good chunk of my morning creating a grab button as well! Luckily, it wasn't that tricky although it probably was just luck, since I am definitely not an HTML whiz! I did similar to you,and used the design of my blog to create a button-- hey, it has to match, right??

    Check it out and tell me what you think :)

  2. Congratz! I remember I spend half of the day making mine, too. I used to be a graphic designer so photoshop has no secrets from me, but html is a whole different story. But uncle google helped a lot! :)
    Anyhoo, I am grabbing your button, can you grab mine?

  3. Yay!!! You've got a beautiful button, Jamie! Sorry, I didn't get back to you but for some reason you went into my spam folder. That's been happening a lot since I turned on McAffees spam alert. I turned it off, LOL, did just fine without it!
    I love your button and you did a great job!

    We haven't talked in awhile, I'm doing better still on bedrest but the agonizing debilitating pain has decreased so much. I am so thankful!

    Drop me a line now that you're back on my email again :o)