Monday, January 31, 2011

Unearthly Review

Book:  Unearthly (Unearthly #1)
Author:  Cynthia Hand
Publisher:  Harper Teen
Rating 5 *****
First off I love this gorgeous cover. I had been waiting to read this book since I first heard about it early last year. The wait was well worth it. I LOVED Unearthly! It was such a great, fun and romantic book all tied into one. I laughed a lot reading this. When Clara was on the ski lift with Christian to the many times with Tucker. I loved when they went fly fishing, so funny. I loved the whole angel theme and setting in this book. I liked the characters but I loved Clara and Tucker the best. They are so good together. I didn't care to much for Clara's mom though, she just keeps to much to herself. I was surprised by the ending of Clara's purpose with Christian. The book ended with some unanswered questions that I hope will be answered in the next book. I just don't wanna wait another year or more for the next one. I just loved reading this one so much it will be one of those books that I read again! This is one of the best books I have read so far this year.


  1. I loved this one as well. It's early in the year, but I think it's safe to say this will be one of my favorites this year! :)

  2. I can't wait to read Unearthly! I have had it waiting on my shelf, calling my name! Its nice to know you liked it!

  3. I pretty much die whenever I see this cover too! Great review!

    Asher K. (Paranormal Indulgence)